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Deluxe Traditional Ninja Costume Package

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What you need to complete the mission! This Deluxe Traditional Ninja Package helps you save money by ordering everything in one package. We offer a big savings rather than buying all the accessories individually.

This traditional ninja outfit is a reproduction of the classic Shinobi Shozoku worn by ninja from ancient Japan. Made of an 8oz poly cotton blend it has the classic jacket with forearm gauntlets and a secret pocket on the inside of the jacket. The pants have the full wrap around waist and tie downs on the legs. Includes a utility belt to help you carry all your special little tricks. Ninja stars and spears shown in utility belt are sold separately.

Only made in black.

The Deluxe package includes:

  • Costume jacket with separate arm gauntlets, pants with tie down on legs
  • 2 piece Pull over mask and hood
  • Ninja Socks (split toe design)
  • Ninja Tabbi Shoes (split toe design)
  • Ninja Utility Belt (for carrying small accessories)


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