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Basic Traditional Ninja Costume Package

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The basic things you need to have a completely traditional look of the ancient ninja warrior.

This basic traditional ninja costume is a reproduction of the classic Shinobi Shozoku worn by the ninja from ancient Japan. They resided in ancient mountains of Japan far away from the Shoguns reach. Made of a durable 8oz poly cotton blend it has the classic cross over jacket with forearm gauntlets and a hidden pocket on the inside of the jacket for quick and easy access. The pants have the full wrap around waist and tie downs on the legs. The tabbi boots (shoes) have a split toe design as does the socks.

Only made in black.

The Basic package includes:

  • Costume jacket with separate arm gauntlets, pants with tie down on legs
  • 2 piece Pull over mask and hood
  • Ninja Socks (split toe design)
  • Ninja Tabbi Shoes (split toe design)


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