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The tactics used by the Ninja warriors had to be more advanced and stealthy than the samurai that were they’re adversary.  Ninja were the first guerilla warfare fighters as they learned how to attack quietly and swiftly.  Since the Ninja were often humble people of little financial means and because they needed to be able to hide their weapons easily a lot of their weapons bear resemblance to basic farming equipment and tools.

To differentiate themselves from each other, the Iga and Koga ninja clans had very different uniforms.  Since these warriors were typically hired by powerful men to kill enemies or rivals they needed to be able to slip in and out of buildings and towns without being seen.  This is why the uniform of the ninja is typically all black with little showing to make the ninja as concealed as possible.  Nighttime raids were most common as they could get in and out without being seen easily.

As times changed the need for highly skilled assassins dwindled and some ninja warriors became defenders of the people.  While history will tell of many massacres and lots of bloodshed you must realize that you are probably only getting a very small piece of the actual history of the Ninja.

Ninja Uniform Origin and Meaning

Today ninjas are just a word with a distant meaning related to the old breeds of assassins and spies from the early or late 15th century during a very chaotic feudal period in Japan. All there is left is their trademark uniform which is the black ninja costume covering them from head to toe. Although it is styled to allow the ability of free movements, flexibility, concealing of identity and comfort it is not a very protective uniform for someone always involved in dangerous hand to hand combat. The things that save the ninja are their swiftness, agility and secret fighting techniques.

Ninja’s came to be during during the warring period in Japan. They have no ethics or strict moral codes unlike their counterparts the “Samurai”. Their black costumes were necessary as a ninja is required to know the art of invisibility, of course by that terms it means knowing the art of concealing oneself in a variety of environments. Whether it be peasant clothing or their traditional black ninja outfits, it didn’t matter. Whatever they had to wear to get the mission completed. A face cover is also part of their entire ninja uniform because they do espionage, assassination and other things that they cannot afford to reveal their true identities to the public. Today ninja costumes are worn to represent mystery, agility, ability to be light-footed and secrecy.

The thought of being able to fight like them is exciting. They fight and kill because they are trained and paid to do so. During the 15th century where ninja or shinobu started were usually picked from lower classes of families. Most probably because lower classes don’t have enough education to question the motives and consequences of what they have to do to carry out their duties.

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